Res. No. 183-A

Resolution No.183-A introduced by Council Member Margarita Lopez and
adopted by the New York City Council on September 25, 2002.

(Resolucion a favor de la salida de la Marina de Vieques y repudiando
los abusos de la Marina contra los manifestantes en Vieques, adoptada
por el Consejo Municipal de Nueva York, el 25 de septiembre de 2002)

Resolution calling upon the United States Navy to vacate its training
facility on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques and to cease and
desist from violating the civil rights of the Puerto Rican people to
peaceful assembly on the Island of Vieques.

By Council Members López, The Speaker (Council Member Miller) and
Council Members Rivera, Baez, Brewer, Clarke, Davis, Diaz, Foster,
Jackson, Martinez, Perkins, Quinn, Reed, Reyna, Serrano, Stewart,
Weprin and Yassky; also Council Members Gerson, Koppell, Sanders,
DeBlasio and the Public Advocate (Ms. Gotbaum)

Whereas, Since World War II, the United States Navy has
operated a training facility on the 9,300 resident Puerto Rican
island of Vieques; and

Whereas, The United States Navy is in possession and control
of approximately three-quarters of the island, occupying
approximately 25,360 acres, which the Navy uses for munitions storage
(the western 8,000 acres), practice with live weapons (the eastern
15,000 acres) and naval training, amphibious landings and other
practice exercises (the contiguous seas and shore acreage); and

Whereas, The storage, disposal and firing of live and inert
weapons of all classes, including napalm, bullets reinforced with
depleted uranium and 500 pound bombs fired from jets travelling at
high altitudes and great speed, places the residents of this island
in imminent peril and exposes them to the long-term health risks,
including cancer, associated with exposure to radioactive materials; and

Whereas, On April 19, 1999, a Navy pilot launched two 500
pound bombs from an FA-18 Hornet jet, missing the bombing range and,
instead, hitting an Observation Post located on Cerro Matias killing
one civilian and injuring four others; and

Whereas, On May 11, 1999, the Governor of Puerto Rico issued
Executive Order 1999-21 appointing a Special Commission on Vieques to
Study the Existing Situation on the Island Municipality with Regard
to the Activities of the United States Navy ("the Commission")
chaired by Puerto Rico's Secretary of State, Norma Burgos; and

Whereas, On June 25, 1999, the Commission issued its report
which included in its recommendations a demand that the United States
Navy immediately and permanently cease all military activities on
Vieques and transfer, in an orderly and rapid fashion, all property
controlled by the Navy on Vieques to its people; and

Whereas, President Bush has reaffirmed the commitment
instituted by President Clinton that the Navy will cease bombing
operations in Vieques by the year 2003; and

Whereas, The Governor of Puerto Rico Sila Maria Calderón has
consistently demanded the removal of the Navy from the island of
Vieques, returning the land to the Puerto Rican people and to the
jurisdiction of the Government of Puerto Rico; and

Whereas, On the weekend of April 6-7, 2002, the Navy attacked
the people who were peacefully manifesting on Vieques with pepper
spray gas, tear gas, and rubber bullets, physically harming them and
causing many of them to be hospitalized, including New York State
Assemblyman José Rivera, the daughter of U.S. Congressman Luis M.
Gutierrez of Illinois, and dozens of New Yorkers that were
participating in a Convention in Puerto Rico, which group of people
were exercising their civil rights; and

Whereas, A coalition of lawmakers and advocacy groups, both
on Puerto Rico and the mainland, has called upon President Bush to
order the immediate closure of the Navy's facilities on Vieques; and
Whereas, According to published reports, On September 3, 2002, the
United States Navy resumed a new round of training exercises using
dummy bombs in their maneuvers; and

Whereas, United States Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
recently stated that the bombing range in Vieques was an important
training location and that the government plans to continue
operations on a basis consistent with their obligations; and

Whereas, Secretary Rumsfeld's statement has been construed by
many as meaning that the Navy was not going to pull out from Vieques,
prompting the Governor of Puerto Rico, Sila M. Calderon, to urge
President Bush to put in writing his verbal promise to withdraw Navy
forces from Vieques by May 2003; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Council of the City of New York calls upon
the United States Navy to cease and desist from violating the civil
rights of the Puerto Rican people to peaceful assembly; and, be it further

Resolved, That the Council of the City of New York calls upon
the United States Navy to vacate the training facility on the Puerto
Rican island of Vieques; and, be it further

Resolved, That copies of this Resolution be sent to:
President George W. Bush, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, the
United States Congressional Delegation of the State of New York,
Puerto Rican Governor Sila Maria Calderón, and the Mayor of Vieques.


NY1 Reports: World Trade Center Special Section
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Stipend: $1,000
Deadline: September 30, 2002

Call to create the 2002 poster for Comité Noviembre, a committee made up of El Museo del Barrio, ASPIRA, Hostos Community College, Institute for Puerto Rican/Hispanic Elderly, National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights, the Puerto Rican Forum, and the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund in celebration of Puerto Rican Heritage month in November.

This Year’s Theme: Salud Boricua

This year Comité Noviembre looks at the importance of safeguarding our Community’s health-not only in the physical sense, but spiritual and mental as well. This theme also focuses on the strides that Puerto Ricans have achieved in the health field….from researchers and health practitioners…to the Surgeon General of the United States.

Eligibility and Requirements:

Artist must be of Puerto Rican descent.
Artists must be able to work with a committee.
Please send a bio and a short explanation or commentary with your piece.
Please do not send large pieces or framed works. Emails of finished pieces are encouraged.

Please send your work by the Sept. 30 due date to:

Comité Noviembre
c/o El Museo del Barrio
1230 5th Ave.
New York, NY 10029
Attn: Lili Santiago-Silva

Phone: 212.831.7272  x132

Poster is usually 4 color standard 24” x 36”.
You may be asked to attend an interview with the committee.
Winner will work with printer and must be able to add text to the finished piece.

Winner will be published in the annual calendar of events.
Work will be unveiled at the kickoff ceremony held at El Museo del Barrio.

Please note: No works will be returned by mail; you may make arrangement to pick it up.

The Downtown NYC River to River Festival 2002 - This five-month long festival will feature more than 500 music, dance, arts, and cultural events (including free concerts by headline performers)  throughout Lower Manhattan.

World Trade Center Viewing Platform Information -
In order to access the viewing platform at Ground Zero, tickets are now required. Tickets  available at the South Street Seaport ticket booth (Fulton and South Streets on Pier 16) at no charge.

Puerto Rico Patron Saint Festivals (Fiestas Patronales) Festivals run for approximately 10 days.

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