Corona virus and Bible

I was talking to a friend and I want to share my thoughts with everyone. The Bible predicted the times we’re going through. If you read Luca 21 verse 10 that’s what’s happening. And it’s not God who wants this for us but he is the man who has come to this. Free will. Now they have taken away all the “comforts” but not life.

Governments decided despite closing everything and if they didn’t, people would still think about it. Because we are people who are given free will and we can choose. We are choosing to be generous, supportive and good.

The reason is they took away the reason to be selfish. All closed, all activities and productions. What remains is this serenity that squeezing us will be fine. And in all of this, people who are still greedy, cynical, talking about money. They pop up because they are the minority. People are understanding, they no longer have respect than their governments that are still exercising nonsense power.

They keep masks, they want the vaccine just for themselves… Little powerless men who no longer have a people to lead. Peoples are leading themselves in a revolution that renounces selfishness but takes consciousness of the others. The closeness to the people who are working for us has made us obedient. Because it’s true that we’re always arrogant and we mean “I would have done that” in every field. But you have to be in the field. And this time we are all on board in silent respect for doctors and paramedics, auxiliaries and volunteers who are risking their lives for us. We are obedient because they ask us and why not being able to face this pandemic (finally something we shut up in) the only thing we can do is obey. It’s already a virtuosity.

Nothing left to be cynical about might as well be good. The spiral of goodness will be the vaccine of this era when we allowed ourselves to believe it omnipotent and that will bring us back to simple things. If it were to be a way to live without having to wear armor, I hope this virus stops making people die but remains as a reminder. The rulers will have to fight each other, we will no longer be bargaining goods. No, nothing will be like before.

Taken from a post from an Italian friend.

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