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Comité Noviembre de New Jersey, Inc
Chairperson’s Message

Nilda Iris Torres

The year 2000 marks the eleventh anniversary of the celebration of Puerto Rican Heritage Month in New Jersey. Comité Noviembre de New Jersey is proud of the goals that it has been able to accomplish in the past eleven years. It has enjoyed the support and commitment of the Governor’s office with the annual proclamation of Puerto Rican Heritage Month and the recognition of Puerto Ricans leaders in New Jersey. Additionally several Mayors throughout the state have also continued this tradition, beginning with the City of Paterson.

Most importantly, Comité Noviembre de New Jersey is extremely proud of its role in the development of a curriculum that highlights Puerto Rican culture and history that has been adopted by the Paterson Board of Education. Our goal is to expand this curriculum to other cities throughout the state. Comité Noviembre de New Jersey takes great pride in teaching our youth, who are our future leaders about our culture because before you can make an impact on your community you must have clarity about your heritage and identity and know and understand where you came from.

As our theme this year’s states: "Entendiendo Nuestro Pasado… Creamos Nuestro Futuro, Understanding Our Past…Defining Our Future," we must teach our children and youth about our rich heritage and how it relates to our social, civic, political and economic reality today. We must empower ourselves through knowledge in order to participate in and make informed decisions about the future of our community.

Comité Noviembre de New Jersey invites everyone to join us and participate in the many activities and events being celebrated throughout New Jersey and New York. We urge all Puerto Ricans to rediscover our history with a new sense of vision, duty, courage and strength so that together we can share our continued legacy for generations to come.

New Jersey 2000 Honorees

Dr. Marilyn Loh Collado

Dr. Marilyn Loh Collado is originally from the South Bronx. She practices medicine in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, and is Vice Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank, New Jersey. The daughter of a Puerto Rican mother and Chinese father, Dr. Loh Collado received her bachelors of science degree from the College of Mount St. Vincent, where she graduated magna cum laude. Prior to entering medical school she conducted research at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Her work there focused on the evaluation of human cholesterol profiles. Dr. Loh Collado obtained her medical degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine. She completed a four year residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Maimonidies Medical Center and was named chief resident of the year. During her residency, she published several articles pertaining to cervical abnormalities in pregnant women and the management of ectopic pregnancies.

Dr. Loh Collado’s decision to concentrate on the well-being of the whole woman results from several aspects of her personal life. She has experienced both the anxiety of finding a lump in her breast and the joy of giving birth to three children. She is, therefore, able to draw from her own background to empower her patients with knowledge and to help them implement preventative practices. She is committed to seeing every pregnant woman in her practice through a safe pregnancy and beautiful birth experience. Her goal is to help each one of her patients maintain an active, productive and healthy lifestyle during each phase of life.

As senior partner she runs the multi-specialty group of internist surgeon, radiologist and nutritionist at Women Caring for Women. Dr. Loh Collado volunteers her time to giving workshops and lectures for South Jersey area high schools and non-profit organizations on topics such as sexually transmitted diseases and health for pregnant teens. She has also lectured at the Institute for the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Elderly’s Annual Conferences on menopause and women’s health issues.

Durbal Torres

Durbal Torres was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico and raised in the South Bronx. His parents migrated to New York in the fifties. Durbal lived in Newark for several years and now resides in Warren, New Jersey.

Durbal Torres is a strong, compassionate and caring Puerto Rican entrepreneur who is dedicated to his family and to improving the quality of life of those around him. He has earned his own living since the age of nine. Today, he is the president of Imaging Solutions of Tribeca, Inc., a graphic design company in lower Manhattan.

New Jersey has been home to Mr. Torres and his family for the last fifteen years. He loves New Jersey, and his recent move to Warren strengthens his commitment to this community. When Newark was experiencing its renaissance, he bought a 100 year-old landmark mansion, once the home of the world-famous Newark Boys Choir. As a board member of the local Forest Hill Neighborhood Organization, he helped foster better relations between the police and other agencies and community organizations. He also published and underwrote a community newsletter which informed the community of the issues, events and activities in the area.

In addition, each Halloween the Torres family volunteered their time and resources to decorating and hosting a scary Haunted House at Branch Brook Park in Newark for neighborhood children which drew thousands of visitors.

Durbal Torres has been a role model and mentor to other Puerto Rican and minority entrepreneurs. Recently, he assisted a group of young black entrepreneurs in opening the Euphoria Cafe and Lounge, an upscale Café in downtown Newark. He designed their logo and menus at no charge, and is currently doing the same for another restaurant the group is planning to open in Newark. Durbal hopes to someday open a graphic business in Newark to assist in the economic development and growth of this city.

In addition, he is the graphic designer for Comité Noviembre where he volunteers his time to the creation and development of the calendar journal and other products of the organization.

Durbal attributes his strength, dedication and success to the love of his family. He has been married to the former Carmen Rohena for over 37 years. They have three children, Elizabeth, Jaime and Joseph, and three grandchildren, Jason, James and Lexi, his most prized possessions.

Mr. Torres has been an example for his three children as his parents were for him. His daughter is an office manager for a roofing company in New Jersey, his son Jaime is his business partner, and his youngest son Joseph, a New Jersey State Trooper.

Durbal describes himself as: "Hijo, Padre, Hermano, Amigo, Salsero. Who flew pigeons and kites, walking the edges of the roof. Best Toy: "Spalding." Favorite sport: then "Stickball," now Golf with my friend Frank Rodríguez." Work 12 hour days, hug my grandchildren everyday. Was repeatedly told in school that neither I nor my friends would ever amount to anything...but, you never know!

Calendar of Events

New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Ohio and Florida


Governor Christine Todd Whitman’s Proclamation and Celebration of Puerto Rican Heritage Month. State House, Trenton, New Jersey; By Invitation Only. For information, call 609 984-3223.


November 4

La Unidad Latina Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc., The Kappa Chapter at Yale University presents La Noche Dorada, Sixth Annual Banquet. Theme: "Understanding Our Future— Entendiendo Nuestro Futuro." Keynote address by Fernando Betancourt, Executive Director of CT Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission. LoRicco Tower Ballroom, 216 Crown St., New Haven, Connectiut; 7 PM-1 AM; Admission: $25. For information, call Daniel Amaez or Carlos Jimenez, 203 776-4273.



Asociacion Benefica Hijos de Borinquen presents Film Festival. 3485 Michigan Avenue, East Chicago, Ilinois. Dates and time to be determined. For information call Isaias Rivera or Carmelo de Jesus, 219 397-9646.


November 13–17

OCCHA, a social service agency serving the Hispanic community, presents Puerto Rican exhibit and video presentation. OCCHA, 10 South Fruit St., Youngstown, Ohio; 9 AM-4 PM. For information, call Mary Isa Garagua, 330 744-1808.


November 17

Tampa Bay Hispanic Chamber of Commerce presents Hispanic Job Fair. Ramada Inn and Conference Center, 5303 W. Kennedy Blvd, Tampa Blvd., Tampa, Florida; 9 AM–5 PM. For information, call 813 414-0811.

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