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Vieques And The U.S. Military:
The Struggle Continues

Campaign For Peace And Justice

Since April 19, 1999, when a U.S. Navy FA-18 dropped two 500-lb. bombs on the island of Vieques, killing civilian David Sanes Rodríguez, Viequenses, fellow Puerto Ricans on the Island and in the US, and supporters from around the world have actively protested the Navy’s bombing of that small isle. "Ni Un Tiro Mas" has been the consigna of the struggle to end the Navy’s presence in Vieques and force a clean-up of the highly contaminated environment which sickens and prematurely ends the lives of too many Viequenses. The resumption of bombing by the Navy this summer after the forced removal of hundreds of protesters from the bombing ranges only gave greater impetus to the Vieques Campaign for Peace and Justice. This June, the Puerto Rican Day Parade was dedicated to the struggle in Vieques and thousands marched from Vieques and from all over the country to send a message of unity and protest.

Photograph (left) / PR Day Parade, June, 2000 / MANNY SEGARRA
(right) Women of Vieques / Michael Rifkin

Stop the Bombs Hip Hop Concert for Vieques

Puerto Rican actress Rosie Perez lent her name and star quality to the growing movement against the U.S. Navy’s occupation of the island of Vieques. Perez hosted the second "Stop the Bombs" concert at the Great Hall at Cooper Union in October. Speaking before a young crowd for a rousing evening of hip-hop, free Vieques and Puerto Rican nationalism slogans, Perez downplayed her fame, saying that the "Stop the Bombs" movement should be the focus of the evening rather than her star status. "(Latinos) come out for premieres and ticket sales," said Perez. "We have to show up when our people are suffering." Earlier this year, Perez was arrested in an act of civil disobedience for the Vieques cause. Along with Perez, musicians Tony Touch, TKA, Puerto Rock, The Arsonists and Q-Unique and performance artists The Welfare Poets lent their talents to the Vieques cause.

Robert Wadell, www. Latino.com/October 6, 2000

Intergenerational Message From Vieques:
Viequenses Form Human Chain Around Camp García

On August 13th, approximately 1,000 Viequenses and supporters from the Big Island placed ribbons, flags and signs saying "Peace for Vieques" on the fences and gates surrounding the US Navy’s Camp Garcia. A human chain was formed with everyone holding hands. The activity was organized by the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques, the Alliance of Women of Vieques and United Youth of Vieques. The following message is from the children and families of Vieques, who ask that we do all we can to combat the Navy’s propaganda, writing articles, attending rallies, and contacting your elected officials to end the Navy’s harmful and unjust presence in Vieques. For Vieques links on the web, see "Boricuas in Cyberspace" in this Journal.

The children of Vieques want peace. We want the Navy out and we want an end to war activities that have caused so much damage for so many years. The Navy fence separates us from our lands, where we want to play and grow. The Navy´s fence is like a monster that destroys our best dreams. The children of Vieques want to see an end to the military fences. We want a Free Vieques for our parents, our grandparents, our little brothers and sisters and for all the people of Puerto Rico that love Vieques. Help us get this monster out of our Isla Nena (Vieques—the Baby Island)

Vieques youth is on the march for peace in our island and in defense of our human rights. We cannot permit the Navy to continue its practices that destroy our land, our Vieques. The commitment of the young people to this struggle was clearly demonstrated last month with our first organized entrance into the restricted area. We will definitely return. And we will enter as many times as is necessary to reclaim our right to live in peace and with dignity.

We are forced to abandon our families to study on the main island. The military presence and their control over our lands strangle our economic development. Therefore, after studying, we have no opportunities to work here, and are forced to remain separated from our loved ones—our families and our Vieques.

This Navy fence is a symbol of military power that for decades has brought great suffering to our people. This fence, with its barbed and razor wires, represents the death of our people. Like the Berlin Wall, this fence must come down. We young people of Vieques are prepared to participate in dismantling and taking down this fence, which robs us of that which by natural right belongs to our community. When the moment comes—and we know it’s not today, but it could be tomorrow—when the moment comes to take down the fence from North to South, Vieques youth will be present!

For more than half a century the Navy has attacked the Viequense family, forcing our husbands to search for work in other places and our sons and daughters to leave in order to study. They have attacked and raped our women. They have poisoned our land, air and water. It is time to put an end to this violation. It is time to unite the greater Viequense family and the greater family of Puerto Rico in defense of Vieques.

The Navy fences could never stop the march of history and justice. This fence will not halt the march of our people toward its destiny—that is to have a Vieques Free from the Navy.

Experience is our best teacher. Those of us who have experienced the military abuses for many years are also present at this historic moment in our struggle for peace. We have lived decades of violations and lies, promises and trickery, from politicians and the military who use Vieques for their purposes that in no way contribute to the well being of our people.

We have seen many of our children, brothers and parents die of cancer and other illnesses caused by military contamination. We say:



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Vieques And The U.S. Military: The Struggle Continues
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