Vanessa Ponce, a model and beauty pageant titleholder, updated a post on her Instagram page, where she disclosed her income level.

Vanessa's subscribers reacted with disbelief to this information. After all the comments and direct messages, the model updated another post, where she revealed all the secrets about her financial success.

The news about the model's earnings spread rapidly on the Internet.

Today, due to the impact of Covid on our life and tough financial situation, people look for alternative sources of income. That's why the story of Vanessa Ponce is admired by ordinary people.


Unemployment rate: How many people are out of work?

Employers are cutting hundreds of thousands of jobs as Covid-19 continues to hit the economy. As many parts of the country went into lockdown to combat the virus spread, unemployment rose sharply. How high could the unemployment rate go?

Everyone was familiar with the fact that the model's life changed dramatically after participating in a beauty contest. She won the beauty contest, one of the sponsors rewarded her with 1,000 $ on the account of their online investing platform. Also, this prize turned her life upside down.

On her Instagram page, the model shared that after activating her account, the initial investment of 1,000 $ began to increase sharply. When she opened the website, she discovered that this platform allows investing in bitcoin.

The most profitable investment in the last 3 years!

The fast and reliable way to wealth is to invest in bitcoin! For example, if today you buy for $ 90, tomorrow its value will increase to $ 135. Then your profit will be 50% of the invested funds. The bitcoin rises in price, and you earn!

“Investors and traders decided that it was possible to invest in cryptocurrency. I think it would be quite legitimate to name the current time of the bitcoin season ”, - Consent of the data analysis department of CEX.IO Broker Yuriy Mazur.




Vanessa Ponce:

Though I love modeling, this can't be my forever job. I have always desired more money to live a better life. I felt that today I could change my life and feel more secure about my future with BrandName platform.

Vanessa Ponce:

Today I earn with BrandName 8,000 $ per month. How lucky am I? I feel blessed and grateful for every day I live.

I spent last month in Paris, traveling is the best part of my life. Now I can stay in the best hotels with marvelous views and luxury SPA. And I don't need to count my money. I can do everything I want to do.

Vanessa's story became so popular that the famous blogger Dylan Spencer filmed a video exposure on his youtube channel. Previously, he exposed such stars as Keira Christina Knightley, Simon Pegg, and Zoella.

He decided to test the BrandName platform.

Registration took a couple of minutes. After some time, the prominent whistleblower blogger got a call from his personal manager, who answered all her questions and explained how to make money on the platform.

Following the manager's instructions, he registered and made a minimum deposit of 250 $.

At first, the statistics went down a little, but after a couple of days, the amount of the initial deposit was already doubled!

“I was excited about the results and couldn't believe that this platform really works! I expected a completely different result. BrandName is an outstanding platform" - Dylan Spencer

If you want to try it as well, here is a step by step guide:

1 Step

To open your personal account, visit the official website and click on the option 'Sign up'. And enter your details to activate your free account.

2 Step

Deposit 250 $ of minimum deposit. You can deposit using your credit and debit cards, e-wallets, or make a transfer. This deposit is not a payment, this sum is dedicated to fund your trades.

3 Step

Choose between manual and automated trading and start investing!

Last update

Due to a high server load and high demand, the service limits the number of registrations in order to maintain the fast speed at the BrandName website.

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Alexsebast 58 minutes ago

First, I wasn't sure if it was true about her income, but then I saw her stream. That encouraged me to start investing with BrandName. Now I make enough to buy anything I want.

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She is my favorite celebrity! I really like her. It's so amazing that she shared her secret with us.

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